Keeping your Lund Boat in Top Shape

Lund boat

Lund fishing boats are recognized for their ability to quickly and smoothly get you out to the water. With a strong enough motor to get you through any waters, you can easily place yourself right over the fish in one of these reliable craft. But with such amazing fishing boats, you’ really need to learn how to properly take care of them during and after the fishing season. This guide from Water Werks Marine Group will explain how to maintain and store Lund fishing boats, including their interiors, exteriors, and outboard motors. But if you need help with any of the maintenance tasks, don’t hesitate to stop by our dealership near Indiana, Michigan, and Milwaukee, WI.

Clean and Inspect the Hull

The hull is obviously very important for keeping your boat on the water. If you don’t take care of it, it could spring leaks or just become generally unsightly. You want a fishing boat worth bragging about, so make sure you clean it every time you put it away. Start by scraping off barnacles or any other sort of organic growths with a putty knife, and then scrub away all the leftover residue. Once it’s all clean, check all the underwater gear and propellers to make sure there isn’t any damage or corrosion. If it all looks good, remove the drain plug, and you’re finished with the hull!

Wash the Deck

The interior can also wear away if you don’t take care of it, so make sure you give the superstructure, cockpit, and deck a good cleaning. Hardware like rails and instruments should be carefully cleaned, and you should apply polish to the rails and cleats. Finally, clean the carpet so that you wash out all that organic material. You don’t want mold to form and eat away at the inside, so make sure you wash and dry the carpet thoroughly.

Stabilize the Fuel

Before putting your Lund fishing boat away, or any kind of boat for that matter, you want to make sure you top off the fuel. You don’t want condensation to form inside the tank, as this could damage your engine when you get your boat running again in the spring. You should also add some fuel stabilizer, but first consult your owner’s manual to see exactly how much mixture should be used.

Storing the Battery

Batteries are pretty expensive, so you want yours to last as long as possible. If you don’t store it properly, you could damage your battery and possibly even completely kill it. To store it the right way, remove it from the boat, and store it in a dry area where it won’t be exposed to freezing temperatures. You should also put it on a battery tender so it holds its charge over the winter. Be careful though! Anytime you work with the battery, wear personal protective equipment like goggles, rubber gloves, and an apron to prevent acid burns and damage to your eyes.

Storing the Engine

The outboard engine is the most complicated part of winterization and storage of Lund fishing boats, so we recommend bringing the boat into our service department for this one. Our trained professionals can safely and effectively get the engine prepped for storage. If you decide you want to give it a try yourself though, make sure you carefully read your owner’s manual and completely familiarize yourself with the procedure.

Maintaining and storing Lund fishing boats is an easy way to ensure you get the most out of your craft, so make sure you keep it in top shape by using this guide! We want every boater to enjoy the water and catch a lot of fish, so if you have any other questions or need additional service, we service fishing boats and outboards here at Water Werks Marine Group in Country Club Hills in Country Club Hills, near Naperville, Chicago, Valparaiso, Gary, Michigan City, and Waukegan, Illinois. We also serve the areas of Will and Lake County, Illinois.