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Tips for Buying the Right Duck Boat


First thing’s first, you need to know what kind of hull your boat should have. This is a decision that is entirely related to the kind of water you’ll be traversing on your hunting excursion. There are three basic hull types which each offer a different set of pros and cons depending on the environment.

V-Bottom Boats: These boats are designed to cut through ... Read More

lund boat

If you’re looking for a smooth, even ride across the water, the Lund rebel is a great boat to get you fishing. These craft are designed using the patented IPS hull, which provides a more stable ride with reduced drag and greater lift. These craft are equipped with all of the storage spaces you need to be ready for a fishing trip anytime, ... Read More

sea pro boat

Sea Pro Boats for sale in Illinois

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Sea Pro Center Console Deep V Series Boats

Sea Pro Center Console Deep V Series boats are available in two configurations: 23′ 9″ and 25′ 9″. These boats are constructed with hand laid fiberglass and use an engineered custom fiberglass stringer system. These boats also offer a self-bailing cockpit, standard 4 speaker audio system, and a ... Read More

Deep Fishing

If you have a deep love for fishing but are looking for an experience that will take you to new heights, then you might want to try deep sea fishing! Sure, it takes a little more skill but you’ll catch bigger fish and have fun while you’re doing it. Deep sea fishing is where the water is at least 100 feet deep, which is where you’ll find much ... Read More

Lund Fishing

As a fishing enthusiast, you’ll be spending hours on open waters. This time is better spent when you use the right equipment! The proper tools increase your chances of catching that trophy and help make your experience more comfortable. If you already invested the money into a fishing boat, it’s worth the extra dollars to do your fishing trip right. Not all upgrades are worth the investment, however. ... Read More

dog boating safety

Many dogs love the water, so if you’re a boat owner, it’s natural to think your dog would make the perfect first mate on your next outing. While this can be true, there are some challenges to taking your dog on a boat. Some dogs can have anxiety on boats, while others might not be healthy enough for swimming. And if you want to go fishing, they can ... Read More

pontoon boat

The weather is cooling off, which means it’ll soon be snowing out here in the midwest. But that doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to end. There are plenty of outdoor enthusiasts who continue boating all year round, regardless of weather or temperature. Plus, many people who work on the water can’t stop working just because the sun sets earlier. But there is gear you can use for ... Read More

Monterey Swim Platform

Nothing is more satisfying than jumping into a cool lake when the sun is sweltering. Boating season means a lot of swimming, but this can become tricky if you don’t have a swim platform. Trying to get back into the boat can be a dangerous challenge. We have created this list to help you successfully install a swim platform on your boat so you can enjoy an easy, ... Read More

If you spend more than a couple of hours on your boat at a time, you’ll probably need to figure out a way to get something to eat. While a sandwich from a cooler is fine, it’s nice to be able to enjoy a hot meal at your leisure. The problem is that many boats have severely limited cooking space, and cooking on an unsteady sea can be ... Read More
lowe pontoon

With the warm weather here, if you haven’t taken your pontoon boat out of storage yet, you’ve still got plenty of summers left to spend a few more weekends on the water! But before you can do that, you’re going to need to get your pontoon ready for riding again. Since it sat in storage for several months, whether or not you winterized it, it needs some basic ... Read More