Must-Have Features for Fishing Boats

Lund Fishing

As a fishing enthusiast, you’ll be spending hours on open waters. This time is better spent when you use the right equipment! The proper tools increase your chances of catching that trophy and help make your experience more comfortable. If you already invested the money into a fishing boat, it’s worth the extra dollars to do your fishing trip right. Not all upgrades are worth the investment, however. We rounded up the essential accessories for your fishing experience below. For all your fishing boat needs, head to Water Werks. We proudly serve those in Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois.

Depth Finders

Different types of fish frequent different areas of the water. Some dive down into the murky depths. Others float close to shore away from predators. When you know what your intended fish species prefers, it makes it easier to find it. But it’s hard to gauge the depth of the water by simply eyeballing it. A depth finder is technology that does this work for you. It can guide you to the ideal location to catch your fish. It also serves as a useful tool when you captain flat bottom fishing boats as these need to stay in deeper water to prevent running aground.


As you fish, you sit exposed to the elements. The hot sun feels relentless after a while. A drizzle of rain can make you uncomfortably cold and wet. A little shelter can make all the difference in your enjoyment of your trip (and help you stay out on the water longer). A T-top is a shelter that sets up over your boat controls and helps protect you from the elements.

There are different T-top styles. Permanent ones are called a hard top. These provide constant coverage and zero effort after installation. Removable ones offer flexibility to use or remove them. T-tops also range in size, capable of fitting one to multiple people underneath them.

A Livewell

Fishing is rarely a quick activity. It takes time to drive to the water, unload fishing boats, find the perfect spot, and then catch a fish. It’s rare that you’ll head back immediately after catching one fish. Maybe you want to catch more than one. Maybe your fishing companion isn’t as skilled and you wait for him to also get something. Either way, you’ll need to keep your first catch fresh. A livewell is designed to keep fish fresh while you continue fishing. These come in all sizes to fit fishing boats well.

Rod Holders

This simple accessory makes a big difference on a fishing trip. These keep a rod steady so you can complete other tasks. Give your hands and arms a break. Eat your lunch. Help your kids set up their lines. Rod holders let you multitask without sacrificing efficiency. They get placed on your boat railing, inside the ledge on the outside edge. Fishing boats can get one or multiple installed to make fishing easier.

An Anchor

Water never sits still, which means your boat will never sit still either. It takes effort to find that perfect fishing spot…only to find yourself floating away over time. An anchor keeps you locked in place so you can stay in that perfect location.

For all your fishing boat needs, visit Water Werks. Our parts replacement and service departments can get your boat running like new. We also offer a wide range of new and used fishing boats for sale. Our expert staff can help answer any questions and guide you to the best fishing boat for your lifestyle. Come visit today! We proudly serve those in Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We also serve those in Gary, Michigan City, and Valparaiso, Indiana.