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monterey boat wakeboard

You might want to try out a new watersport this summer, and one of the most popularly recommended of all these activities is wakeboarding. This practice involves riding behind a tow boat on the lake, and helps you build balance and coordination, as well as strength and agility. Before starting this sport, you’ll obviously need a wakeboard, which can be a difficult process if you don’t know exactly ... Read More

lund boats fishing

Maybe you’re tired of fishing on the bank, or you’ve mastered the skill and you’re ready for a whole new challenge. Either way, you’re in for a treat when you decide to take a fishing boat out on the water! These marine vehicles let you get around quickly, offering limitless access to all the best fishing spots. Not to mention, they can get you out in the deepwater, ... Read More

Lund boat

Boat safety is incredibly important, especially when you bring along your friends and family. Small lapses in judgment can have major consequences if you don’t plan ahead. Since boats don’t have seatbelts, airbags, and other safety features like automobiles do, you could end up in hot water. Since we value the health and wellbeing of all of our customers, we here at Water Werks Marine Group compiled this ... Read More

Mercury Engines Boat

As one of the most versatile marine motors out there, outboard motors are worth putting on just about any fishing boat or sport boat. They’re powerful, lightweight, and great for just about anything. Such a hard working engine should be taken good care of, so we recommend you implement a few maintenance routines to keep your motor performing well for a long time. At Water Werks Marine Group, ... Read More

Lund boat

Lund fishing boats are recognized for their ability to quickly and smoothly get you out to the water. With a strong enough motor to get you through any waters, you can easily place yourself right over the fish in one of these reliable craft. But with such amazing fishing boats, you’ really need to learn how to properly take care of them during and after the fishing season. ... Read More

pontoon boat

Pontoon boats are known for providing just about as much fun as you can have on the water, but just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you should drop your guard. As with any other type of boat, pontoon boats contain many potential hazards that you’ll want to avoid. The difference with a pontoon boat is that they can hold more people than many other type of boat, ... Read More

monterey boat

Pontoon boats are some of the most popular and cost effective watercraft for leisurely rides in the water. They’re a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the lake, relaxing with friends and family, but did you know they can also be used for a variety of water sports? If you already own a pontoon, or want to get one, they’re a cheaper alternative to wakesurfing boats for water ... Read More

pontoon boat

There ain’t no party like a pontoon boat party! Pontoon boats offer just about everything you want for a party location: beautiful views, fresh water, and a space big enough for all your friends, but small enough to keep them from spreading out, thus draining the energy of the party. Boat a pontoon is made better with upgraded amenities and accessories. Here at Water Werks Marine Group, we’ve ... Read More

Lund boat

Rod Lockers

Having your rod ready to go is going to make every trip that much easier. Sure you can store your fishing rod in the corner of the garage, but you’re going to wind up with tangled lines, broker tips, and a general hassle that you just don’t want to deal with. Any good fishing boat is going to offer you a rod storage option, typically holding four or ... Read More

pontoon boat

Get Familiar with your PFDs!

Type I

Type I PFDs are pretty recognizable. These lifejackets are most commonly found in the form of the blocky orange foam pads you may have encountered if you’ve been on a boat for commercial purposes. The reason these PFDs is so prevalent is that they’re so effective. Type I PFDs will keep an unconscious body afloat face up meaning they’re the closest thing to an ... Read More