Tips for Buying the Right Fishing Boat

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Maybe you’re tired of fishing on the bank, or you’ve mastered the skill and you’re ready for a whole new challenge. Either way, you’re in for a treat when you decide to take a fishing boat out on the water! These marine vehicles let you get around quickly, offering limitless access to all the best fishing spots. Not to mention, they can get you out in the deepwater, which is ideal if you’re looking for some big game fish. But when you decide to buy one, remember that not all fishing boats and marine engines are the same. Each hull and motor is designed for a specific application, and you’ll have a lot of things to consider before picking your boat. To get a good sense of this, we recommend reading this guide and then coming into Water Werks Marine Group. We sell a huge selection of fishing boats at our dealership in Country Club Hills, where we serve the areas of Chicago and Waukegan, IL, as well as Gary, Michigan City, and Valparaiso, IN, and Milwaukee, WI.

Pick the Boat for Your Preferred Fishing Type

The first thing to think about when purchasing a boat is what kind of fishing you’ll be doing. Different fish hang out in different parts of the water, and you’ll also need to choose between saltwater and freshwater excursions.

Fishing in Freshwater

The hull on a boat determines what kind of water it can float on. A heavier hull is great for the big water, because these things will hold firm without getting knocked over by heavy currents or abrupt wakes from surrounding craft. Also, these larger boats should come equipped with a 4-stroke or possibly 2-stroke motor, which are powerful enough to push that extra weight through dense water surface. Once you’re out here, you’ll have no problem accessing some great game fish, like salmon or steelhead. On the other hand, if you want to fish closer to the bank, consider getting a lightweight hull with a trolling motor. Trying to take a heavy boat through the shallows is a surefire way to get stuck, so with the smaller, shorter hull, you won’t have any problem staying afloat among mud and weeds. When you stick close to edge like this, you’re able to access more points that you couldn’t get to from the bank. This means you can troll over those ideal holes for catfish, bass, trout, and sometimes even salmon.

Fishing in Saltwater

Ocean fishing takes the standard up a notch for fishing boats. Although shallow water fishing is somewhat similar, the deep sea calls for a large deepwater boat with a massive aluminum hull. The higher walls prevent waves and deep submersion from filling your boat with water. These tend to cost a little more, but if you’re looking for some tuna, halibut, or coastal salmon, they’re worth the price! However, don’t waste your money on one if you plan to stick closer to shore. If you want to fish in the ocean shallows, get a bay fishing boat. Coastal waters that don’t run as deep need to be traversed by a boat with a wider, lighter hull, otherwise you’ll just sink right in and get stuck.

Not all boats are created equal, but if you know exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll have no problem picking the right fishing boat! Just be sure to consider what type of fish you’ll be looking for, the water you want to find them on, and how much you want to invest in your sport. No matter what, you won’t regret your choice, because a boat is always worth the enjoyment you get from a new type of fishing. Once you’re ready to make your selection, or if you have any other questions, come visit us at Water Werks Marine Group. We’re here to serve you in Country Club HIlls, and we’re available to customers from Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois. We also serve anglers from Gary, Michigan City, and Valparaiso, IN, as well as Milwaukee, WI.