What Every Fishing Boat Needs

Lund boat

Rod Lockers

Having your rod ready to go is going to make every trip that much easier. Sure you can store your fishing rod in the corner of the garage, but you’re going to wind up with tangled lines, broker tips, and a general hassle that you just don’t want to deal with. Any good fishing boat is going to offer you a rod storage option, typically holding four or more fishing poles rigged and ready to go. Save time, cut down on the headache, and make sure your fishing boat is outfitted with the fishing rod storage that you need.

Baitwell / Livewell

An aerated Livewell is a must-have when you’re out trophy fishing. Livewells and Baitwells come in a variety of sizes, typically around 20 gallons or more. These systems are made to circulate and aerate water to keep your catch fresh and flopping while you fish on. The recommended size for a livewell is about 1 gallon of water per 1″ of fish, so if you’re out angling for some big bass you want to make sure your fishing boat is equipped with a livewell to match. Likewise, a baitwell circulates water to keep your bait fresh on your way out, however baitwell are typically smaller. Many newer bait and livewells come with built in macerators to grind up any debris like scales that get left behind, speeding your cleanup and reducing maintenance.

Rod Holder

This one’s pretty obvious, rod holder is there to keep your hands free. Most good fishing boats have intelligently placed rod holders already, however if you’re trying to outfit another type of craft for good fishing, it’s not too hard to find aftermarket rod holders that can fit on the frame of your pontoon or into the structure of your Jon to give you the same convenience that a full fledged fishing boat enjoys.


A day on the lake isn’t the same without a cold drink. Some folks say that a cooler isn’t an important part of a fishing boat’s arsenal, but it’s always better to have one! If you’re cleaning your fish on the go (some fishing pontoon boats have built in cleaning stations) you might want to invest in a spare to carry your catch, so your sandwich doesn’t pick up a fresh-fishy taste.

Properly outfitting a new fishing boat takes a little bit of time, but the rewards are more than worth the effort. Keep bait at hand with a baitwell, and get a cooler big enough for your beverages. Rod holders and rod lockers will make sure your rods are always in the best shape possible for you to catch the big one. When you’re looking to pick up a new fishing boat, don’t forget about Water Werks in Country Club Hills, Illinois. You’ll be impressed by how much knowledge and professionalism our staff brings to the watersport industry, and we’ll set you up with the best gear on the market.