Pontoon Boat Accessories

pontoon boat

There ain’t no party like a pontoon boat party! Pontoon boats offer just about everything you want for a party location: beautiful views, fresh water, and a space big enough for all your friends, but small enough to keep them from spreading out, thus draining the energy of the party. Boat a pontoon is made better with upgraded amenities and accessories. Here at Water Werks Marine Group, we’ve made this brief guide to show you the must-have pontoon boat accessories to make your parties perfect every time. If you have more questions about pontoon boats or are looking for pontoon boat parts and services, stop by our Country Club Hills location today!


Lighting lets the party go on even when the sun has gone to bed! Many pontoon boats often allow for standard electrical outlets, meaning your options for lighting are nearly unlimited. Of course, a house lamp won’t due, but some weatherproof track lights will keep the deck illuminated. Floodlights will give you all the light you need, and emergency lights upfront will help you dock and avoid other boats with ease.


Music compliments boating and parties, so why not bring it on your party boat? There are many options for tunes, from more traditional stereo systems that connect via Bluetooth or auxiliary cord. You can also have custom audio equipment installed in your boat provided you have electricity. Depending on how serious of a music fan you are, this is likely one of your best options.

Bungee Dock Lines

One convenient trick for docking your pontoon boat is to invest in some bungee dock lines. Instead of spending hours to learn knots and rope handling, you can simply slip one of these bad boys over the pylon or dock tie-off and hit the road. Plus, due to their elastic nature, they won’t pull on your boat as hard as a rope, which is better for your boat in the long run.

Rod Holders

Rod holders are an affordable way to improve the fishing experience on your pontoon boat. Often, rod holders are extremely easy to install. What they give is more options for fishing. You can set a line up and then kick back and relax with your favorite beverage. Or, if you’re on a mission to catch more fish, set out multiple lines with rods in separate holders. These can also be helpful for impatient kids who don’t have the attention span to stand still with a fishing pole for long stretches of time.

Corner Bumpers

The more time your boat spends tied to a dock, the more damage it will take. As the waves cause it to crash against the dock, your boat can wind up with some serious scuffs, dents, or worse. Corner bumpers are cheap, easy to install, and offer a surprising degree of protection against the worst wear and tear a dock can throw at your boat.


Bad food on a boating trip holds the experience back, but with your own grill on board, you can eat fresh, hot food every trip! Some models made specifically for boating can attach to the fence of your pontoon boat. This provides added stability and makes the whole process safer. If you’re going to grill on your pontoon boat, make sure to always bring a fire extinguisher that’s in working order. Also, be careful to make sure your grill is extremely stable, and if the weather gets rough, make sure to put out the fire. It’s great to have hot food, so long as it doesn’t mean you have a flaming boat!

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