Pontoon Boat Watersports

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Pontoon boats are some of the most popular and cost effective watercraft for leisurely rides in the water. They’re a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the lake, relaxing with friends and family, but did you know they can also be used for a variety of water sports? If you already own a pontoon, or want to get one, they’re a cheaper alternative to wakesurfing boats for water sports, but you can still get just as much fun out of these useful watercraft. Whether you want something low-key like tubing, or want to get an adrenaline rush with more intense sports like wakeboarding and waterskiing, your pontoon boat can be equipped with the right engine for the water sport you love. At Water Werks Marine Group, we sell plenty of pontoons that already have enough horsepower to get the speed you need for your boating activities, so come ask us how we can help! We’re in Country Club Hills, serving the areas of Chicago and Waukegan, IL.


A great activity for the kids or anyone who wants to get a feel for towed sports is tubing! Water sporting tubes are designed with canvas or nylon covers, so they skip on the water when you get going fast enough, and you can even let children as young as 3 or 4 ride in them. Teenagers will also enjoy specialized tubes that create lift and get a few jumps off the water, making it a great activity that your whole family can enjoy, and it’s easily done on just about any pontoon!


Another water sport for youth that requires just a little more skill than tubing is kneeboarding. It’s very similar to wakeboarding, because the pontoon has to reach pretty high speeds and you get to ride some wakes to make fancy maneuvers in the air. This sport is best enjoyed by teenagers, so getting an engine capable of riding between 16 and 26 mph to get a really good rush from this water sport.


You’ve probably heard of so many different types of waterskiing, and they’re all great, but each one has the same basic principle in common: the pontoon pulls the skier at fairly quick speeds, and when you get going, you can do some really cool stunts and tricks on the water in this sport! If you’re pretty skilled with two skis, try graduating to single Slalom skiing, which can be even more rewarding (although physically demanding) because you get to carve deeper into the water and have to work harder to turn across the lake. Two other great but more extreme variations are barefoot skiing and ski jumping, but remember, both of these call for a lot of skill and strength, so warm up to using two skis before you try them out!

Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing

As two of the most famous water sports out there, along with waterskiing, wakeboarding and wake surfing involve a wakeboard that you use to ride the pontoon’s wake. You’ll need to get an engine powerful enough to make a pretty big wake, but if you do get going fast enough, this water sport allows the most tricks and stunts of any of them! Getting a good jump, doing some turns in the air, and surfing the wake with skill are the aspects involved in this water sport that make wakeboarding and wake surfing fun for an entire afternoon!


Definitely the most low-key activity on this list, fishing can be done in any pontoon, regardless of your engine’s size, and can even be done without an engine at all! If you want to get out in the middle of the lake to those prime spots, a pontoon is much cheaper than most fishing boats, and can still get you where you need to go on the lake so you can catch some fish!

There are all sorts of activities that you can do on the water, and just because you own a pontoon doesn’t mean you can’t have all the same fun you have with a boat! Come into Water Werks Marine Group, and we’ll set you up with a new pontoon or the engine your pontoon needs for the water sport you want to try. We proudly serve the areas of Gary, Michigan City, and Valparaiso, IN, as well as Milwaukee, WI.