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New Lowe Boat Models

Our Lowe Showroom


With a focus on producing the finest aluminum boats at the best price, Lowe is pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the water. From the bass-hammering Stinger Series, to the walleye-dominating Fishing Machine Series, to the premium comfort of our extensive line of pontoon boats, we’re dedicated to making your time on the water the stuff that memories are made of.

Fishing Boats

Wacky-rigging for bass? Trolling Lindy rigs for walleye? Popping corks for redfish? For those who live to fish, Lowe has a tough and capable all-welded aluminum fishing boat to match your favorite species and the way you like to pursue them.

Pontoon Boats

Nothing refreshes and excites more than time spent with friends and family on a pontoon—and Lowe specializes in building durable boats with a smooth combination of bold energy and cushy comfort.

Hunt & Fish Boats

When you need a no-nonsense boat for tagging ducks, running trotlines, fixing docks, or just fishing with a few casts on the lake, there’s nothing a Lowe Roughneck can’t do—and just about nowhere it can’t go.

Ski and Fish

Deck Boats